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How Your Website Can Benefit From a Photo Gallery
Do you have terrific pictures illustrating your organization’s products and services? Show them off in a photo gallery on your website. Photos are one of the most attention-grabbing and engaging types of web content you can incorporate into your web design. 
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Photos and images communicate what words can’t.
Even the best website copy can’t compete with the power of a great photo or illustration. Photos display, not just describe, your products. Illustrations and graphics can help explain complex concepts in a way that even the simplest of text can’t. Most people have a stronger response to images than they do text. By adding a visual element to your website, you allow people to actually see what your organization is all about, which builds trust. 
Photo galleries can result in higher conversions.
Eye-catching and engaging, photo galleries help attract more people to your website. In turn, photo galleries give customers a great visualization of what you can offer them, increasing confidence, and likely, conversions. 
Photo galleries can benefit your SEO.
Hosting a photo gallery on your website can add to your search visibility. Optimized images show up in image search results, and because considerably fewer images show up in results than in text search results, it’s much easier for your images to turn up in the first few pages of search results, which could bring in more visitors to your site.

For best results, it’s important to search-optimize your images because search engines can’t crawl and index images like they can text. Make sure to title and tag photos using descriptive keywords. Add text wherever you can to help crawling and indexing, in both captions and alt-text.

Photos and images can make a dramatic impact on your website. If you have terrific photos and images for your organization, we can help arrange them into an attractive, SEO-friendly photo gallery. Contact us for a free web design consultation and quote.